BeNaughty – Flirty Dating Android Review

If you have an Android smartphone then you really should try BeNaughty – Flirty Dating for Android. It’s tailor-made for those with android tablets and phones. It has a magical way of uniting flirty singles with other like minded people online or on your Galaxy tablet. It is the perfect way for you to meet singles in your area that are ready to flirt and willing to date.

It has a powerful geo-locater that can give you a full list of all the flirty singles that are in your area. If you are one of those lucky people who are always on the move, then you can settle in, log in to BeNaughty – Flirty Dating for Android and find out who is available for chat in the general location. This is ideal for the travelling businessman or business woman who wants to meet people rather than sit alone in a lonely hotel room overseas somewhere.


BeNaughty – Flirty Dating for Android allows you to create your own special profile, whether you do this on your Samsung Galaxy S2 or S3 or your Nexus tablet, you can tell the outside world just who you are and what you are looking for. If you want to go searching on the Be Naughty – Flirty Dating for Android database you can. You will find thousands of flirty singles ready and waiting to chat and go online with you.

You can even receive special messages from new admirers, and ultimately it’s going to be hard to resist the fun and frolics of a chat room online from all those singles around the globe. There is also a really cool special feature on this app that allows you to rate a person hot or not. It’s simple to rate someone if he or she does it for you. The Hot or Not function can help you break the ice with someone you like, or it could actually upset someone hugely. But honesty is what counts, so rate that person hot or not!

A special offer from the app allows ladies to join for free, until you want to view photo or chat.

BeNaughty – Flirty Dating for Android also lets you send love letters to those you admire and other flirtatious types that have caught your eye.

Verdict: A few issues that we did find is the app for some reason keeps crashing, that might just be my HTC but it is annoying. Also signing up is completely free but if you want to chat or view photos you will have to pay. Even reading your messages you will need to subscribe. There is also a constant nag for payment and the pop up ads seems never ending. It’s all very pricey. The app is a good concept but really needs a lot of work.

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