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Business Cards Info is a free iOS app developed by Investor Guide Est. Information Technology and offers small companies and businesses a service to help accelerate production and profit. It performs so by saving all the people’s business cards electronically. The app will help you find a business card fast via a network and each card comes with an interactive map showing you the direction on how to reach that business and nearby bus stops, tube stations, car parks and bus stops.

The app will help you and your business grow by developing your very own business card and having your own business card posted online for others to see. Therefore, if you want to search for a business that offers web design, you would search for web designers and if your card is present on Business Cards Info you will have the exposure to more business and customers needing your services. The app will also help you to create your business card and place into the online system at BCI. Once you have developed your business card, you will then become accessible to the market via the online business cards at BCI.


If you are a plumber based in Florida, or an electrician in London, you can suddenly become searchable by people looking to take advantage of your products or services. Enter a search for “plumbers in Miami” or “London electricians” and you will find your business card displayed for all to see, including the interactive maps.

To start you using the app you will have to go through a simple registration process and agree to the privacy policy and disclosure agreement. You can add your card or  search for unlimited business cards by using keywords and interactive mapping. Once you have input the search data into the app by selecting country, state, city, address, and then checking the box that makes it accessible to all you are ready to upload your business card onto the interactive map. Your business card will show all the details you want your customers to know, so that they might get in touch and put some business your way.

Your logo will appear in one corner of the business card and your name to the right. At the bottom of your card will be details such as the mobile phone number, sales contact line and any other contact information, including email address and website URL. Once your card is displayed on the Business Card Info site, it will overlay an interactive map pointing out exactly where you are in the country.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Business Cards Info is [rating=4]

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Title: Business Cards Info

Price: Free

Category: Business

Developer: Investor Guide Est

Business Cards Info (BCI) - Investor Guide Est. Information Technology