Canoodle – Date By Interests Android Review

There are several dating sites online that offer a chance to make new friends and potential relationships, but Canoodle – Date by Interests on the Google Play platform for Android users, matches people by interest. Your interests could be train spotting, stamp collecting, going to rock concerts, flower arranging or simply going to a pub to drink real ale. Canoodle – Date by Interests is an app that can find like-minded people to meet who share a common interest.

A quick look on the website at allows you to show how easy the whole thing works. You can connect via your Facebook account or simply match with all your email contacts. You can add more interests all the time, and at any time. If you prefer, you can remove interests you are longer into. The next stage is where you meet like-minded matches who share your hobbies and interests.


Among the top trending interests on the site at the moment are retro cars, Harry Potter, Starbucks coffee meet ups, gaming, music, science, photography and popular cartoon series Family Guy. Canoodle – Date by Interests matches people by interest but it is also a good idea to keep in touch with regular updates through your nominal social network accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+.

There is also a powerful GPS system linked in with the app that helps users find people who are within their own locale. If you are someone who regularly travels around the world, or on business, then it’s just as easy to flirt with users in another country by checking to see who has similar interest to you while you are based in that particular country.

You can also use Canoodle – Date by Interests as a dating site too. You will be able to find someone you might just have a chance to extend on your mutual interests on. Canoodle – Date by Interests is very simple and easy to use and is ideal for those who have unpopular or rare hobbies and interests. By registering on the site you may find someone who is into your favourite hobby of beer mat collecting or following a certain football team no one else seems to follow.

You never know, you may be able to attend classes together and create a relationship with a like-minded individual. Canoodle – Date by Interests also has a great chat service, for those who just want to communicate.

The app is a great idea, your interest can find yourself a partner.

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