Wave Alarm – Motion Control Alarm Clock: Review

Wave Alarm is an alarm clock application with a difference; it features motion controlled technology and is a new and innovative way to wake you up in the morning, or simply remind you when an event is about to happen. Wave Alarm means you will never have to reach over to the other end of the bed and turn on that snooze feature, no more reaching a fumbling arm over your wife or husband to try and kick in the snooze button – Wave Alarm will detect this all for you in its technology.

All it takes is a simple gesture like a wave and the Wave Alarm snooze control will begin to function. Fumbling around in the dark to switch the alarm will become a thing of the past. So, how exactly does Wave Alarm actually work? One simple gesture from you will activate the off button or start off a snooze timer process. It’s a new way of waking you so the alarm sound becomes a much easier experience on those cold, dark mornings.


Waving your hand over your device will automatically activate the Utilizing Motion Control and Detection feature. You do not need to touch the device ever again once you activate the feature. Wave Alarm is more than just an alarm call, that’s because of it’s unique features, modern interface using a choice of both analogue and digital feature display. There is also a cool brightness display that allows you to turn down the glare of the phone when the alarm goes off in the morning. You can choose which setting and level of brightness you want.

There are 10 different calming and soothing alarm sounds to choose from as well as the ability to alter the volume of the alarm tone. You can choose any volume setting of your choice. If you want you are able to wake up to music taken straight from your iTunes library. There are background alarms available, so you may never miss that important wake up call ever again.

Once you make use of Wave Alarm you will never want to return again to a standard ordinary alarm clock. You need to keep the app running through the night if you want to take advantage of the Motion Detection feature. The motion detector requires that your device must have a forward facing camera feature. It’s time to wave goodbye to traditional alarm call devices with Wave Alarm.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Wave Alarm is [rating=4]

App Details

Title: Wave Alarm – Motion Control Alarm Clock

Price: Free

Category: Utilities

Developer: Augmented Minds

Wave Alarm - Motion Control Alarm Clock - Augmented Minds