Fashion Dolls iOS Review

Fashion Dolls is a hot new dressing up game with real girls, real clothes and nothing here is in cartoon style or fake. It is the world’s first ever interactive fashion magazine with fashionable clothing as worn on professional models. There is a rich cloak room and wardrobe of top of the range clothing along with all the latest styles and shoes. All you need to do is select what to put on, then sit back and wait for the results which come from a professional stylist.

Fashion Dolls will show you everything you want them to show. The pre story behind Fashion Dolls is that a small group of skinny girls come looking for assistance and they urgently need to get ready for a big night out where they plan to attend a glamourous party. But the skinny girls cannot decide what to wear and they are flapping over which dress to put on, which shoes to select and which skirt will fit best with which colour.


The poor babes need someone’s help to clarify what they should be wearing and which items will match with what. Since the main aim of the girls is to look as pretty as possible tonight, they are ready and waiting to obey any suggestions put forward to them that will ensure they look the part and appear glamourous at the party. You are tasked with dressing the girls and it is you they are going to come to and try on anything you suggest.

The professional models will never get tired of trying on any dress, shoes, skirt or blouse. They don’t mind which colour they are being asked to don and they’ll change as many times as is asked of them.

The models will willingly show you the dress you have selected for them to wear from just about every conceivable angle. They will turn to the left, spin to the right and twirl all the way around, just so you can see exactly how nice that dress looks on the model. Once you have decided on the best outfit for your Fashion Dolls you then consult the real expert – the professional stylist. The stylist will rate your choice and with honesty and clarity and the better you can dress your fashion doll, the higher the rating will be. The app is even supported by its own website if you want more details.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Fashion Dolls is [rating=4]

App Details

Title: Fashion Dolls

Price: $0.99

Category: Entertainment

Developer: nTraySys llc

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