Croi Bamboo Case for iPhone 5 from Primovisto, tough and elegant – Review

If you are tired of your current iPhone case, how about something that will fascinate you and get all your friends talking about it – an iPhone case made out of bamboo. Now that’s a novel idea, I hear you say, but really a bamboo iPhone case is quite simply the coolest feature you’ll see covering the iPhone. The Croi Bamboo iPhone case from Primovisto was made with Ireland as its main concept. It captures as many aspects of the Emerald Isle as it can is a number of beautifully illustrated symbols on the back cover.

You will see tiny black symbols depicting a number of Irish references like the horse and cart, the Guinness harp logo, a hurling stick, a Celtic cross, a pint of Guinness, a lucky horse shoe, a shamrock and a cloud depicting rainfall. The case itself also bears a lovely Irish quote and is handcrafted from 100 percent natural bamboo. We all know bamboo is one very tough piece of wood. It has been used as scaffolding in some parts of South East Asia, speaker cabinet frames and even as a sound baffler on a motorcycle made by a poor Chinese man who couldn’t afford to buy a standard chrome variety.

Bamboo is tough and it is also environmentally friendly too. It means that because the Croi Bamboo iPhone case is made from bamboo, every single one is individual and the wood grain on one case is different from another. They are all unique basically and environmentally friendly as bamboo is highly sustainable. When you buy a Croi bamboo iPhone case you know you are doing no harm to the environment.

The cases are precision cut to fit your iPhone like a glove. There are the usual openings in the case which allow your camera lens to peep through and slots designed to allow you to use the volume control and side button too. Therefore when you use your iPhone you can do so while leaving the case on and it really does look aesthetically pleasing. Having the case on my iPhone 5 for 2 weeks now I have received a large amount of compliments. It looks cool and fits snuggly on the device and the protection the bamboo offers is great.

This particular Croi bamboo iPhone cases have been hand crafted in the west of Ireland and have been finished with a lovely wax and wood oil coating. The bamboo case is available for iPhone 4, 4S or the 5. These currently retail for $59.00, small price to pay for great protection and absolute elegance. On the Primovisto website there are a number of different case showcasing different designers work. If you’re an artist you can create your design and just maybe you will have your work seen by thousands.