Jetpack Jinx iPhone Review

Your task is to help Jetpack Jinx fly into space, so get ready to blast off into the atmosphere. Basically, Jetpack Jinx has crash landed on a planet and has no idea where he is, only that this planet holds many mysteries. He absolutely must return to his star ship where his captain, the dastardly Lord Shadowbot finds out he’s gone missing.

So, it’s time to strap on your jetpack, blast off into space and make your way through a maze of insanely addictive levels of pure fun in this new app game that’s free of charge to download and has been developed by the Bubblegum Interactive team. So, why not play for free and head through a series of interactive levels of insane fun and games.


There will be a series of outrageous obstacles blocking your path when you try and help Jetpack get back to his star ship. But there are also super wicked upgrades and brilliant sidekicks to help you and Jetpack along the way. There are also a number of awesome power ups where you can unlock achievements and pick up your rewards.

Unlike most freebie apps, Jetpack Jinx does not have annoying ads popping up every five minutes to spoil your fun. So, if you are ready for a space adventure then play this easy to play, but difficult to master gaming app and see if you have got what it takes to get Jetpack back into orbit and home and dry aboard Lord Shadowbot’s craft.

You can even follow Jetpack Jinx on Twitter and check out the Facebook page. On YouTube a full trailer can be found by clicking at the link here.

Jetpack Jinx has just undergone a recent upgrade that gives you new sidekicks with more power. These include such bizarre characters as Swoop, Zap and Yoonie, who will help you make your way past your enemies and those troublesome obstacles. There is also a Gem Generator which will help you to double your money! This contraption helps you double up every gem you discover, giving it twice its value. Now you can really be in the cash!

There are a couple of in-app purchases available should you want to buy new coins. A coin pack 3 for example would set you back just $2.99. Jetpack Jinx is available to play on the iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Jetpack Jinx is [rating=4]

App Details

Title: Jetpack Jinx

Price: Free (in-app purchases)

Category: Games

Developer: Bubble Gum Interactive

Jetpack Jinx - Bubblegum Interactive