Cool Movie Quiz iPhone Review

Cool Movie Quiz is an app that will test your skill and knowledge of the movies and is the most exciting film puzzle game all rolled up in a great app. You must try and see if you can guess all of the movies; work out if you know all the icons in the great movies and animated characters. Cool Movie Quiz even tests your knowledge on foreign cine films and there is even one surprise category you will need to unlock so you can go up through all the levels in this highly charged movie buff quiz.

There are hundreds of movies in the Cool Movie Quiz banks, some are easy and focus on movies like Jobs, others more challenging and involving guessing the tricky Pan’s Labyrinth, while some are down right difficult and force you to guess the engaging drama of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge.


There are also many more movies ready to add to the database in the next few upcoming updates. Your task is to try and guess movies from a number of main categories including the Top Movies section where you will see all the well known movie classics showcased as mainstream blockbusters or critically-acclaimed art house classics. It is within this section you’ll discover the Best Picture nominees like Argo and Silver Linings Playbook can be found.

There is another category on Foreign Movies and in this section you will be quizzed on world theatre classics such as Amelie and Britain’s The Queen, which starred Dame Helen Mirren. There is also another section on animation and cartoon films which includes all the latest 3D animation movies. A further category showcases romance and love films.

There is no need to register when you play Cool Movie Quiz and you need only just enjoy and play the game. There is help in the app should you need it, everyone of us solves puzzles differently and that’s why the app has five separate help lines to get players who are stuck back on track. Among the help features are a “Resolve” button, which allows you to connect with all your Facebook friends and Twitter followers and ask them to help out if they know the answer. Surely among the hundreds of fans and followers there’ll be someone around to give you a heads up.

To use the “Resolve” option you will need to gain points in earlier rounds with a series of correct guesses or answers. Cool Movie Quiz is a cool app for testing your movie knowledge skills.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Cool Movie Quiz is [rating=4]

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