Boom Cat iPhone Review

Boom Cat is one of those simple games on the iOS platform that involves shooting an animal, person or object out of a canon to see how far you can get your subject to go. In this case it’s Boom Cat who dons his helmet and snuggles inside the canon, ready for you to fire the cat as far as you possibly can. It’s a case of getting set and ready for take off as you start the adventure with the first ever canon cat in history.

But it’s not just a simple case of shoot, fire and sit back to see how far the cat has been projected. Boom Cat will require you to avoid obstacles you’ll encounter during Boom Cat’s trajectory, grab bombs along the way in order to throw the cat to the highest score. The game is simple enough to play and there are some neat looking graphics. A sign post allows the player to click on the play button and another sign lets you know how many credits you have in the bank.


If you line Boom Cat up you will see the cartoon character fly across your screen and target the afternoon sky. Another sign post informs you of the distance elapsed showing you how far Boom Cat has been fired. You need to slide your finger over your screen to push Boom Cat as far as you possibly can once he has been fired from the canon. But that’s not all, as Boom Cat soars through the air you’ll need to catch a number of floating and flying bombs that are in mid air before Boom Cat lands and your score has been registered.

Once Boom Cat lands your score, recorded in metres distance, will be displayed on the illuminated score sign panel and you can compare your results to your previous best scores (or distances covered) from the menu. Each time you fire Boom Cat from the canon you can share your score on your Facebook or Twitter page. An icon appears at the end of each Boom Cat flights, letting you know what your score was. If you feel you are proud of your score then why not share it on Facebook and let all your friends know how far you have successfully flung Boom Cat into the air?

Boom Cat can be played on the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad devices.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Boom Cat is [rating=4]

App Details

Title: Boom Cat

Price: $0.99 – £0,69

Category: Games

Developer: Bubba Games

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