Gallery & Apps Lock Free: Protect your secrets

If you have an Android phone and you are constantly leaving it lying around the house for all the members of the family to pick up and take a sneaky look at your photos, then you may want to try an app that will protect wandering nosey people from picking up your phone as soon as you pop outside to make a cup of tea, or take a visit to the bathroom.

Gallery & Apps Lock is a free download on the Google Play site that is a one-stop solution for all your privacy. The app will lock down your images, videos, and plenty more besides. No longer will intrusive friends or family members pick up your phone and update that embarrassing Facebook status, laugh at your private and personal images or chortle at your very intimate videos left on your phone.


Most children these days are fully versed with the operations of a smartphone and will think nothing of cheekily picking up your discarded phone and rummaging through your personal images and videos. What a pain it is to have to remember to place your smartphone into your pocket every time you walk out of the room. But now there is no need to worry because Gallery and Apps Lock will shut down access to all your images, videos and apps from prying eyes and wandering intrusive hands.

You can now safely wander out into the garden and leave your phone on the coffee table without having a care that anyone might just compromise your personal privacy. It will be a great relief to know you had this app should your phone ever get stolen too; your phone thief will have no way of accessing anything on the phone whatsoever.

Gallery and Apps Lock will restrict all access to your SMS text messages. Some of you may have suspicious or untrusting partners who will snoop through your phone and look over your text messages. No longer will they have access to your texts after you have activated Gallery and Apps Lock and your contacts address book is also well concealed.

Gallery and Apps Lock will also prevent access from prying eyes to your call logs, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and any other app you choose with a tight, secure double door protection system. Gallery and Apps Lock even works in stealth mode by hiding the app icon completely, so prying eyes won’t even know you have downloaded an app to hide your personal stuff!

Available on the Google play Store