Pedometer PRO GPS+ – Review

Pedometer PRO GPS+ in the health and fitness world this app will help you record your steps, how far you have walked, what speed you are strolling at, and which pace you are doing it. Basically it’s an app for walkers are runners who want to record how many miles they have covered during the day and how fast those walks were achieved in.

The pedometer will start working in a stand alone mode the moment it has been launched, so you can use your iPhone for other functions like the camera or another app while the pedometer just works in the background recording all your steps, speed and distance covered. The app also measures how many calories have been burned during your walking excursions throughout the day. Once your walking day has finished you can download a map showing you the route you have taken and where each mile (or kilometre) was marked. Your maps are all saved in your history and each one is easily accessible from your records.


Pedometer PRO GPS + is one of the best self motivational tools available. It will set you a daily goal that is displayed on the screen at the start of each day. It all works in co-ordination with the built-in shape tracker. This tool helps you to achieve the best possible results in the shortest possible times.

The main features boast the independence it can gain from the GPS. If you suddenly lose a GPS signal during your walk, the app will automatically switch over to the accelerometer mode in its standalone state. It will work with any of the iOS devices including the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. Every workout you perform is kept logged in its history with no issues about storage space, and there’s an option to download your progress and workouts to an Excel spreadsheet.

At all times you can keep a record of your physical condition, the outside weather conditions at the time of your walk, and even record the terrains you have walked on your route. The app will show you how the hills have gone up or down on your route and a side section viewpoint of the terrain is available for each route you have taken.

There is even a built in music player which will help you keep in your stride and a whole range of smart functions allowing you to save battery power while out on the road.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Pedometer PRO GPS+ is [rating=4]

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Title: Pedometer PRO GPS +

Price: $0.99

Category: Health and Fitness

Developer: ARAWELLA Corporation