Potty Training: Learning with the animals – Review

Potty training with the animals is an app that gets young children in the right mindset for those early years when there is a degree of uncertainty when it comes to potty training and toilet habits. The idea of this app is to get the children thinking that training the beloved animals to clean up the mess and go in the right place will give the child the idea it should apply to them too.

Potty Training: Learning with the Animals is a fun way of developing a training ritual with your child. Potty Training is a fun and interactive way of teaching kids what’s right and wrong when it comes to the habits of the bathroom. Hopefully, using this app will set the right tone and attitude for the dirty deed of potty training, and subsequently put the child in the right mood and frame of mind to carry out the task correctly.


Potty Training: Learning with the Animals will make the cumbersome and incredibly frustrating task of going to the loo a fun and interactive experience. The kids will love the app and all its characters and the story that evolves around it. It will allow the young kids to take an active role in bringing animals to the bathroom and making them use the potty correctly. In turn, this activity should get them ready for when the task needs to be done by them.

Potty Training: Learning with the Animals will show animals in a state of desperation when they need to visit the potty. The children will need to get them to go before it’s too late. As a parent you’ll be relieved to learn that there are no embarrassing or inappropriate noises or images, and a narrator will calmly tell the user that the animals will “feel butterflies in their stomach when they have the urge to go.”

Teaching the youngsters how and when to visit the potty can be a task filled with frustration, emotion, hope and fear. So hopefully Potty Training: Learning with the Animals will help to alleviate some of this fear and inject a little more fun into the arduous task.

The voice of the narrator is very cultured and has a slight British accent and is very pleasant to listen to. The animals are all the well known types like dog, cat, chicken or lion and you can select the gender of the animals in the settings. One annoying thing I found with the app is, as soon as you open it there is a pop up asking you to rate the app. Even when you restart the app after selecting “no thanks” it still pops up. If this wasn’t included then this app could easily get a 5 star.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Potty Training [rating=4]

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Title: Potty Training: Learning with the animals

Price: $1.99

Category: Education

Developer: 1tucan

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