Annoy Uncle Mike in Couch Terror – Review

Couch Terror is a fun gaming app where you must find several ways of annoying Uncle Mike without actually waking him up. This is an addictive, arcade style game where you will get to use a number of features like water guns, fireworks and several other tools in order to stop our resident couch potato from catching up on more sleep. You need to build up points before time runs out and Uncle Mike falls into the land of nod.

It’s a great arcade style game and perfect for anyone wanting to kill a few moments of their time while they have a little to spare. Your task is clear in Couch Terror; you will have to keep your victim from dropping off to sleep for a full three minutes straight.


You will need to attack him without going over the top with the intention of keeping him awake. There are a total of 16 different annoying and slightly malicious forms of attack you can use on your victim in order to prevent him from dropping off into a land of slumber. Some of the tools of attack range from the slightly annoying, like the tickling feather sticks or a single finger poke to the more disturbingly downright malicious stuff like water cannons, loud drums and fireworks.

There is of course a small twist thrown in for good measure and many of the items can be used in conjunction with each other to rack up extra points on the board. Remember though, you will only have the three minutes to build up your points total as it is game over the second Uncle Mike wakes up. You will need to focus sharply on the “Wake Up Meter” and use the correct tools to be able to reached your total high score for as long as possible.

You can use Twitter and Facebook to boast about your high scores and place yourself on the Couch Terror Game Center Leader Boards. There is a choice of music that you can use when playing Couch Terror and vibrantly colourful stylized cartoon game graphics and intuitive “tap and wait” controls which are easy enough for any level of player to master in a matter of seconds.

Couch Terror is available to download at a cost of just 99c and can be played on the iPad, iPod Touch and the iPhone devices.

App Details

Title: Couch Terror

Price: $0.99 – £0.69

Category: Entertainment

Developer: AS Mobile Applications GmbH

Couch Terror - AS Mobile Applications GmbH