Keep Track of your Tasks with iOS App Execute It – Review

Execute It is a tidy little app for keeping track of all your tasks and productivity measurements. It is ideal for the busy salesman, accountant, multi-tasking workers and those with several jobs to perform. “Execute It,” keeps track of all your tasks and measures your productivity in a neat, simple and intuitive fashion. You’ll be surprised at the app’s power and the way it has been designed to keep track of your productivity.

It acts as a collection tool, a review tool and a tracker of your tasks. The productivity meter is a great feature which will track your progress and measure your productivity. You can compare how well you are committed to finishing your tasks on time. There are notes where you can add a title as your header, a place to put in your description and the option to add an image.


Execute It is a smart app for a travelling salesmen who may want to list of the clients they might need to visit and add an image of a map for the customer’s location. Every task can be rated for importance and you can use tags or keywords to find your task more quickly. It is also possible to add an audio attachment if you want to your task. This may be some voice instructions or job description which relates to your task.

All of your completed tasks are logged in a records file so you can relate back to them in your history folder. The app also produces some smart menu features allowing you to view just the tasks that are ready for completion today, or if you prefer all the tasks for the coming week. There is also a menu folder for tasks that you want to complete “someday.” These will be those “elephant” tasks you dream of completing at some time in the future like building a patio, planning an extension on your home, losing weight or going to Disney World.

The productivity meter keeps your eye on how well you are progressing. It will show you in percentage term your progress and may even encourage you to get on with the tasks outstanding and stop procrastinating. The audio attachments are very simple to use; just speak and record your voice into your device and the attachment will link to your task. Execute It is ideal for the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The opening week of this app’s release will see the price have a 66 percent reduction. So grab it while you can. Execute It is a great app to keep on top of your tasks. You will be more productive with Execute It.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Execute It is [rating=4]

App Details

Title: Execute It

Price: $0.99 fo a limited time

Category: Productivity

Developer: Muhammad Al Bassiouny

Execute It - Muhammad Al Bassiouny