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Have you ever thought to wonder what it would be like if your life and everything you do covered the columns of a newspaper? In the app, Mylifepaper can achieve just that by recording moments of your life into your own mobile newspaper with you and your antics as the headlines.

You can publish those important events and milestones of your life and upload images, videos and text to supplement the online newspaper showing the story of your life. You can stay in touch with your family and friends by viewing their newspapers too. Mylifepaper is a new way of becoming part of the social networking media saga. Mylifepaper is very engaging on a social level and is like a digital diary that compiles everything for you in photos, videos and texts.


All of your favourite places are logged and the current weather conditions in your town on that day are recorded, so you can go back in time and recall any given day in the history of your life. This is one dynamic newspaper that brings together all your life and displays it digitally online so you can share it with all your readers.

Perhaps you are going off on a tour of the world, or going on a four week long hiking expedition in the Himalayas; why not document your adventure and put it all into your life paper. You can of course include images, weather conditions at the time and videos of key points in your adventure and spread the word to all of your readers.

There are 11 different categories for you to compile all your life events into and update your entire readership as you go. You will feel like an editor of a Fleet Street or Wall Street journal, with you as the main topic of newsworthy endeavour.

There are personal categories containing My Pictures, My Friends and My Family where you can store or add in images, videos and text to compliment the illustrations. There is another category featuring My News, where you will become a newshound reporter documenting all the happening events in your life.

There are also sections on My Weather, where you can enter a zip code or postcode and the app will account the weather conditions and the temperature on that day and a soap box section called My Questions, where your readers can ask you questions about your life.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Mylifepaper is [rating=4]

App Details

Title: Mylifepaper

Price: Free

Category: Social Networking

Developer: Malgorzata Jurczyk

Mylifepaper - Malgorzata Jurczyk