Swap the busy City Life for a quiet Country Life – iPhone Review

This free game allows you to get involved into a Thai style love story that comes straight out of the countryside. If you are impressed with the way Thai people live out in the countryside, then now is the time to become immersed in that way of life without ever leaving your armchair. Many of its users have had a great deal of fun playing this and although some noted that they took a long time to get used to the controls, they found it addictive afterwards, so did I.

Country Life is all about a love story, and in this addictive game you play as Derek, a young boy who has fallen in love with a girl called Tida, a girl who comes from the same village as Derek. Whether Tida and Derek have a happy, romantic life together is entirely up to you.


Living in the countryside in Thailand is very relaxing and you can be a Thai farmer with no cares or worry in your life. So, why not enjoy the time you spend here and do a spot of farming while having friendly conversations with the lovely neighbours? It’s time to get away from the bright lights, cars, buses, hoards of people and the rat race and sample of bit of Country Life.

When you live in this beautiful natural countryside you learn how to become a good farmer by running it properly and getting through a number of small hurdles. You can prove to people you are worthy of Tida’s love, the love of your life. On Country Life it is possible for you to get social and connect up to Facebook. Here you will receive a reward for every game month and once connected you will be able to visit your friends’ farms.

Country Life also includes Game Center and there are many challenges waiting for you out there in the country. You can check the leader board from time to time and see who is up there in the Hall of Fame. Also, if you come across any products that you are struggling to harvest in time, just buy an in-app purchase to get them back on track.

Country Life is both unique, fun to play and of course romantic. There is an experience you will gain here that you can’t get from anywhere else but a life in the country.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Country Life [rating=4]

App Details

Title: Country Life

Price: Free

Category: Games

Developer: Chatpong Suteesuksataporn