How your iPhone apps can actually save you money

Nowadays, nearly all of us are looking to save money on everything from daily essentials to luxury treats. Our mobile phones breach both these categories as, whilst making calls and texts is a pretty essential part of life, many of us like to have the best and newest models. There are ways you can save money when you upgrade your phone – sell your 3rd generation iPhone online for example, and put the cash towards a newer model – but it’s also good practice to use downloadable apps to save money. Our selection features a huge range of savings, so you’re bound to find something which suits your lifestyle.



This free app is available for Android, Blackberry and iPhone and provides up-to-date deals and vouchers. The app uses GPS technology to locate the best deals available in your area and will send them direct to your phone. Money off at high street shops, chain restaurants and beauty salons are amongst the deals you can expect to receive.


If you go over your data usage every month and have to pay extra, this is the app for you. Free to download, you can fill in your data plan details and Onavo will track your usage. You can set an alarm to be triggered when you have reached a certain point in your usage, alerting you to cut down on your internet browsing. The app also works by compressing your data usage, lowering your costs.


This app is not free to download, but you are bound to recoup the £2.99 price if you follow its guidance. PetrolPricesPro tracks and stores the cost of petrol at around 11,000 petrol stations in the UK, which is ideal if you are on the road a lot. Compare prices of petrol in your area, without doing the research yourself and save money on one of the most costly of essentials.


One of the most well-known apps and still one of the best for saving money. Download Skype and set up an account to chat with friends for free. You can make video calls and send messages too and, because you are using the internet rather than a phone connection, is easy and free to call friends all over the world!


Another app with an initial cost, this £2.99 download helps users to track their expenses and income to stay on top of bills and help save money. All your bills and outgoings can be handily stored and easily accessed, and the app itself is simple enough to navigate for even the most tech-averse! Why not get your family to download the app too, as a feature of HomeBudget allows members to share details of spending.


A huge expense for many drivers is costly parking, so download this app to locate free spaces. Available for £1.79, the built in maps will show directions to the nearest free spots near you.