Business Card Scanner – Contact Snapper: Review

Contact Snapper is a great tool for adding contacts to your address book, simply by taking a photo of a business card, scanning a QR code, or pasting material from another app (such as Mail or Safari). You can actually scan any business card and instantly turn all the contact details into a name on your address book.

The amazing thing is you need only hold the business card up to your camera phone or iPad and it will take a note of the person’s name, address, email, phone number, mobile contact number and web address, providing all that information is present on the business card (if it isn’t, it jolly well should be!)


All the fields on your address book are automatically filled in and placed in the right places. There is no need from you to enter any data in manually as Contact Snapper will do it all for you. If you use the free trial service the app will give you three contacts to save for nothing. It is all about saving time really, if you are an important businessman or woman who has a multitude of clients that you need to visit and see every day, you really don’t want to waste time entering in your client’s name, company, email address, works department address, phone number, cell number, website URL, Facebook link, Twitter address and Google+ contact. What you need is to take one smart picture on your Contact Snapper app and it will do all the filling in of those fields for you, it’s just like magic!

In fact adding a contact to your address book can be as simple as tapping your finger on your phone twice. The photo acts as its source, and technology, which is very efficient and OCR-driven, is used to transform the text it sees in the photo into content on your address book. Contact Snapper does not simply work in English speaking countries either. It supports many of the languages covered in the economic powerhouse regions of South East Asia too.

It will even recognise small things like an American business card and a British business card and how the address layouts may be different. It will enter things like the Zip code or postcode, whatever it sees on the image it will recognise it and enter the data onto your iPhone address book accordingly.

A great and useful app for the busy business person who haven’t got time to type in business card details in their phone, a simple scan will do.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Contact Snapper is [rating=5]

App Details

Title: Business Card Scanner – Contact Snapper

Price: Free

Category: Business

Developer: Laurent Garnier

Business Card Scanner - Contact Snapper - Laurent Garnier