CameraCandy a sweet camera app for iPhone – Review

CameraCandy is a neat little app that can do an almost endless amount of tricks with your iPhone and iPad built-in camera. You can create your very own eye catching visual effects and play around with some really spectacular features. Camera Candy has live features for photo and video capture and you can view and share your artwork from within the app.

Anyone who is a creative photographer or a bit of a video artist should really get this app as it will allow you to do so much with your images and videos. In the latest update there is ability to swipe up or down to select the area on your image you wish to enhance. You can alternatively swipe left or right to adjust the enhanced area as much as you feel your creative mind wants to.


Saving your effects is unlimited and you can make as many adjustments as you want on any of your images or videos. There are opportunities to pump up the contrast, brightness and saturation to whichever level you may feel comfortable with, and when you are happy with your creative spark, then simply save your image and share it with friends.

There are several flavour features that consist of a different background or patterns to your image. The possibilities are truly unlimited in CameraCandy; you can distort images by warping the space-time continuum, draw like a child and have your image appear like a crayon drawing, add a soft touch of late summer with a watercolour effect, or get that Tokyo city neon light effect.

You can also turn images into a carpet-like effect which will show your picture in a rich tapestry of colour and vibrancy, a pencil sketch image, cartoon character lookalikes, another pencil sketch but using colours this time or a pastel sketch which makes your images or videos appear in a kind of pastel art finish.

The top in-app purchase on CameraCandy is the unwrap feature and this free app comes in three languages, English, German or Japanese. What I liked about CameraCandy was the ability to show off all your creative artwork, and using the controls was just too easy. The photos can be sent to your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram right after you have sprinkled your creative magic, artistic flair and visual effects upon them.

iPhoneGlance Rating of CameraCandy is [rating=4]

App Details

Title: CameraCandy

Price: Free

Category: Photo & Videos

Developer: CubeBrain

CameraCandy - CubeBrain