I Need a Hero – Review

If you really want to be a hero and save beautiful princesses and fight fearsome dragons then you are needed here. I Need a Hero is all about puzzles and great adventures. If you are tired of boring match-threes then try playing I Need a Hero to have a fun-filled adventure you can really get your teeth into.

The story goes that the terrible dragon has played up once again. The princess is, as usual, confined to the tower, and you are the only one that can save her, you must become the hero. You’ll need to complete epic quests and acquire amazing treasures. You will do battle with horrible monsters in this clever take on the match-three genre.


You can unleash powerful spells and summon floods and firestorms to give you that edge in every battle you endure. Watch as the story unfolds and become renowned throughout the land! Will you help villagers in need? Will you fight bandits or reason with them? Now is the time to find out and see if you have what it takes to become a hero.

You can join in on the royal tournament and compete with friends and family where you will challenge the world. You can advance through the leagues and become the ultimate tournament champion to win awesome prizes worthy of a real hero. If you feel there is still not enough danger then fight those hilarious but terrible monsters from beyond the dark portal.

I Need a Hero has several features that include a unique match-free monsters combat system, play relaxing yet rewarding “Gathering” levels to ready yourself for the journey that awaits you. There are plenty of stunning graphics and a breath taking soundtrack to accompany this app, and you’ll get the chance to use lots of powerful spells and epic powers against your enemies.

There are many different types of monsters, each with special abilities and done in real game play style. The Android app allows you to play for free in unlimited time and you can join in on the tournament to compete with your friends and heroes around the world!

You will also get the chance to advance through the leagues from wooden to diamond to become the ultimate champion. There is also a Facebook page where you can get some extra screenshots for free and you can follow the app developers on Twitter. You can even check out I Need a Hero in action on the YouTube page.

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