TouchMii for iPhone has a course of minigames you will enjoy – Review

TouchMii is an app with a series of mini games that will keep kids and young-at-heart adults busy in the back seat of a long car journey for hours on end. You can embark on a journey through several games with a character called Richmii and its many friends and have hours of unlimited fun and take on many challenges.

The idea is to see how many times you can control, tap, multi touch, memorize and calculate in the many little games that TouchMii has to offer. You can challenge your skills to collect all the diamonds, unlock achievements, and power up your little character called Richmii.

There are more than 10 awesome and unlimited games in TouchMii that provide unlimited fun and will keep you amused and challenged for hours on end. There are 33 achievements to be unlocked and many more ranks to climb up to and your task is to battle your way through these one by one to power up Richmii.


TouchMii also comes with a free update once you have downloaded the app and you will be presented with even more little games to play. This is great because after a while you’ll be pleased to explore some new games for you to challenge as you might get used to the original games on the app or may have mastered them completely and left yourself open to new challenges.

There is also a Game Center where all your scores can be recorded so try and get yourself up on to the leader board if you can. You can also share your experience with all your friends and family on Facebook if you wish. So, get on board and join in on all the fun of these mini games at TouchMii – a collection of mini games you really won’t want to miss – and all for just 99c!

The updates are free and come along with regularity, so you don’t just get the one update and then get on with the games included in the upgrade; you actually get free updates all the time coming in. There are lots of fun games including a barbecue counting game, blast the star game and mathematical challenges. TouchMii is in fact a bit of an educational tool as well because many of its little games will test and challenge your grey matter, and that has to be a good thing for learning youngsters. There is also a free version available which you can try before you buy.

iPhoneGlance Rating of TouchMii is [rating=4]

App Details

Title: TouchMii

Price: $0.99 – £0.69

Category: Games

Developer: Distad

TouchMii - Distad