CheekyLovers – Flirty Dating: Review

CheekyLovers is an app that will give you a chance to meet a lot of new people in a fun environment and in a fuss-free and quick manner. It has a location-based search tool that lets you find singles in your area, or within a given radius. It has a great feature that allows you to meet singles or find friends that may live just around the corner from you.

Also, don’t be afraid to miss any incoming messages from new admirers as even when you are not logged in you will pick up a notification telling you that somebody has winked, messaged, or left you a chat request. That’s right, there are a variety of chat rooms where you can go and talk to other cheeky lovers and find out more about them and the way they conduct themselves in real time chat arenas.


The chat rooms should not be overlooked in CheekyLovers as this is often a great way to meet new people and find out all about their likes, hates, and hobbies. So if you are looking for a date or just an area where you can make new friends then CheekyLovers – Flirty Dating is a good place to start. The new love in your life may be just a few clicks away because CheekyLovers has members dotted all over the world and there is bound to be someone in your local area. When you use CheekyLovers as your dating app of choice, you’ll have an unlimited number of ways to meet your perfect cheeky lover.

Once you install CheekyLovers you can straight away start to fill in your profile and add a nice, smiling photo of yourself. Filling in the basic information onto your profile is free. The app has an above average rating from the user reviews but it does appear that some of the profiles on CheekyLovers appear to be web cam girls who want to divert you to see them frolic around on camera. It might be an idea to search your local area rather than just all over the major cities.

Once you have installed the app you can also check your profile and search for other users via the CheekyLovers website. The app gives you access to all the features including the chance to wink and receive messages from new admirers.