Top-ranking smartphone game Dark Summoner launches large-scale spring campaign! New “Relica” items to be added!

Nagoya-based Ateam Inc. will offer their Dark Summoner players plenty of fantastic bonuses in their Spring Bonaza Campaign. Soon to be released “Relica” system details also announced.

Nagoya, Japan – Ateam Inc., a leading mobile application developer, is excited to announce the roll-out of fan appreciation campaigns across the globe on behalf Dark Summoner. As a token of gratitude to the dedicated players that populate this awesome game, a total of eight special campaigns – known collectively as the Spring Bonanza – are scheduled to be held. One campaign, the Spring Bonanza Login Stamp Campaign, offers players special item rewards simply for logging into the game each day of the campaign period. Another campaign offers a limited-time Dark Summon X 11 pack that guarantees at least one powerful monster and features three brand-new Rank AA and Rank AAA monsters. All of these cool new additions are now available for a limited time only. Players are encouraged to take advantage of this great chance to fortify their Battle Formations with superior AAA monsters!

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 Spring Bonanza Campaign Details 

1. Summoner Lotto – Get tickets with Dark Summons and other unique Summons

Held: April 25 (Thu.) 3:00 a.m. ET – May 8 (Wed.) 1:59 a.m. ET

Players have a chance to win prizes using lottery tickets they can earn through several methods. One ticket is given to every player each day they log in during the campaign period, and more can be obtained by performing certain in-game Summons including Dark Summons. Prize winners will be decided by a random drawing which will be held after the event period has ended.

2. Spring Bonanza Login Stamp Campaign – Get items just for logging in

Held: April 26 (Fri.) 2:00 a.m. ET – May 8 (Wed.) 1:59 a.m. ET

Players will be given items simply for logging in each day of the campaign period.

3. Limited-Time Dark Summon X 11 Pack – Guarantees at least one elite monster

Available: April 25 (Thu.) 3:00 a.m. ET – May 1 (Wed.) 1:59 a.m. ET

This special pack of Dark Summons guarantees players will receive at least one powerful monster with a Battle Point cost of 25 or more.

4. Battle Challenge –A chance for those who battle hard to reap the rewards

First Half Held: April 26 (Fri.) 2:00 a.m. ET – May 1 (Wed.) 1:59 a.m. ET

Second Half Held: May 1 (Wed.) 2:00 a.m. – May 8 (Wed.) 1:59 a.m. ET

This Battle Challenge will be the first that follows a new format splitting the event into two halves. The Second Half will contain an elite course only available to players that gather a certain amount of Victory Points in the First Half. The rewards for the elite course dwarf those on offer for the regular course in the Second Half, giving players extra incentive to test their mettle against fellow Summoners!

5. Three new Rank AAA monsters and three new Rank AA monsters added to Dark Summons

Available From: April 25 (Thu.) 3:00 a.m. ET

Three all-new elite Rank AAA monsters and powerful Rank AA monsters will be available for players to obtain through Dark Summons.

6. New Cypher monsters and exclusive monsters from past events appear in Dark Summons

Available: May 1 (Wed.) 3:00 a.m. ET – May 8 (Wed.) 1:59 a.m. ET

New Rank A, Rank AA, and Rank AAA Cypher monsters will be available in Dark Summons and Dark Summon X 11 packs. Further, several monsters that were exclusive rewards from past events will also be added to Dark Summons and Dark Summon X 11 packs during the campaign period.

7. Half-Price Sacrifice Campaign

Held: April 26 (Fri.) 2:00 a.m. ET – May 8 (Wed.) 1:59 a.m. ET

The amount of Gold required for Sacrifices will be cut in half during the campaign period.

8. Ebon Chests return for a limited time

Available: May 1 (Wed.) 3:00 a.m. ET – May 8 (Wed.) 1:59 a.m. ET

A pack containing Energy Potions and other useful items will be on sale for 25% off during the campaign period.

NEW “Relica” System

The fun is geared to ramp up even more in the near future with the upcoming release of “Relica” items for gamers to collect as they play! Relica are unique in-game accessories that come in the form of necklaces, gauntlets, and armlets that players can equip to gain certain bonuses. In turn, theses bonuses – such as the “Attack Up,” – grant boosts to the stats of monsters in the player’s formation. Details on how to get and use Relica will be revealed soon, so stay tuned! Ateam is working hard and plans on periodically adding new features, special campaigns, and more to continue to enrich the Dark Summoner experience and provide the best possible game to smartphone users around the world.

About Dark Summoner

Dark Summoner is a dark fantasy-themed online monster battle game that has garnered high acclaim and popularity in Japan and many other countries across the globe. Players assemble and command a custom army of monsters to take on challenging missions and defeat powerful bosses. When assembling their armies, players must summon monsters, raise them into more powerful creatures, and find the strongest monster combinations to dominate their enemies. Player-versus-player battles and Raid missions are both featured in the game, allowing players to choose how they interact with fellow Summoners. Included in the game are over 1,500 monsters featuring original artwork created specifically for Dark Summoner by many artists renowned internationally. Dark Summoner offers players a chance to team up with fearsome monsters to take on formidable opponents!

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