Hatcher an Epic Online Strategy game – Review

Hatcher is a game of strategy that is a real epic and it can be played online or via the app. Your task is to hatch eggs to build your army of fascinating creatures, form close-knit alliances, and compete so you gain control of the world. Hatcher has a traditional board game feel which is mixed with competitive online play. You will find this game will jump to the top of your favourite games list very quickly.

Hatcher is a game of resource management and combat which blends perfectly with the better aspects of online game play and bold strategy. To become the most powerful player in the realm and have the greatest guild in the world you will have to expand your territory and move your creatures up through the levels. The great features about Hatcher are that it is free to play and you’ll have the ability to build a unique army with creatures that are highly interchangeable. You can customize your creatures so that they will work in your favour and help you to rule your realm.


You will also need to look for some fabled Shard eggs by peacefully engaging with other players who will explore with you. You can even join up with other players and form alliances so that your guild becomes ever more powerful. The creature improvement process is highly engaging and you’ll make use of strategy and intrigue to improve your monsters to valuable assets in your quest to rule the realm.

Whether you are a serious gamer or just a tap merchant on a screen you will be involved in some perfect combat situations. By the way, you will need a network connection in order to play Hatcher and there are a number of new features in the latest update the developers have just thrown in.

In the latest version of Hatcher you’ll find the player rankings chart now displays your position and the page you appear on automatically by default. There are more resources added for exploring yields and if you log in on a daily basis you will gain double currency rewards. There are also some adjusted formulas for several of the passive skill effects.

There are also a number of bug fixed in the new update including the guild members’ table now shows all the members and it has also fixed a crash that occurred when deleting your last formation.

The graphics of Hatcher is superb and to have an online strategy game on your iPhone is even more fun. Really great gameplay and one that you can’t get enough of.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Hatcher is [rating=4]

App Details

Title: Hatcher

Price: Free

Category: Games

Developer: Brockenhaus Studio LLC

Hatcher - Brockenhaus Studio LLC