Getting a Good Computer Phone Service for Your Business

Using your computer for phone calls is becoming increasingly popular. However, one of the challenges that has developed is in ensuring that these business calls are just as secure as those that would take place over a secure phone line.

Speaking generally, computer phone calls are rarely secure. Most of the time computer phone call services use public known codexes, meaning that they use packages for encryption and sound that are commonly known or can be easily found. When running a business, this sort of risk is unacceptable.

Invest in a Quality Provider

The most important thing that you can do when running a business that uses computer phone calls is to invest in a good business voip service. These services typically come with higher than usual security measures. However, it’s important that you don’t just assume that there is good security involved in the package. Make sure that you ask the provider what all is included and what guarantees they offer.

Request Call Security

These service providers will likely have a number of options and packages that you can choose from. However, one of the most important ones that you can choose is a package that includes the option to call security. The basic premise of a good call security feature is that it takes your voice and compresses it into proprietary encryption packets that are unique to your system. During the phone call, that information is transmitted to the one person on the other line or computer, and then it is unencrypted. The conversation can only be understood by individuals who are directly involved in the conversation.

A good call security feature will often include additional options to ensure that your information is kept safe. Some of them even use voice authentication matrixes to ensure that only select individuals can even access the phone system on your computer. You want to talk to someone in tech support determine what is most appropriate for your particular business. If you must decide between doing too much and too little, it is generally better to do too much as far as security goes. However, you should also evaluate the potential cost of a hacker or thief getting into your system and stealing those phone calls.

Keep the Firewall and Antivirus Software Running

A good call security feature and security package will correspond with and work in harmony with your current firewall and antivirus software programs. It’s important that you not shut these programs off. Even though they can make your computer run slower and may unintentionally cause lag, they are essential to maintaining protection. Hackers can get into your system through a number of ways, and using a computer phone, though convenient, opens up additional doors. It is important that you have the security features for the actual phone call running to protect the audio files and the transmission themselves. However, you must also make sure that hackers cannot get into your system itself, steal the files, and then translate them later. In this case, the best defense against hackers and thieves is to protect your system and conversations at both the phone and computer level.