iShutdown – remote power management tool for your Mac and PC: Review

iShutdown works to shut down your PC or Mac with one tap! You can now make your Mac or PC awake on LAN (WOL), shutdown completely, go to sleep, restart or hibernate with just one click of a button. This will save you going through the usual necessary process of clicking on start then selecting a number of options just to power down. Now the process can be completed within one click.

Furthermore you can shutdown, hibernate, sleep, or restart a computer remotely. It also offers a wake on LAN service via an internet connection or on a local network. iShutdown has been developed with one goal in mind, to give you a functional and stylish service on one app. Now you won’t even have to leave your armchair, bed or couch to remotely close down your PC and you’ll have the convenience of a simple task from anywhere with a network connection.


The app, iShutdown scans all the devices connected to your local network and displays alongside a list indicating name of computer and IP address. You will not need to find out the MAC addresses or type them in to use the WOL feature. Just tap on host in the generated list and select what you want it to do: Shutdown, WOL, Sleep or Hibernate, the choice is yours.

The app has an incredible design which is both attractive and useful with an animated interface. There is a large convenient button to turn the PC or MAC power on or off. Its functionality allows you to turn on, close down, restart or hibernate. It’s one of the only apps that work for both Macs and PCs and it will automatically detect all accessible PCs within a local network.  It will give you the ability to add any required PCs or Macs manually.

It will work with 3G and Wi-Fi and you’ll see an indication of all the active hosts. Just imagine how handy this tool can be if you are running a small internet café and your users are limited to a one hour usage time. You can remotely shut them off after their time is up and not worry about your customers using more than the time they have paid for.

You will need to install the iShutdown Server Application on your PC or MAC in order to control it first.

iPhoneGlance Rating for iShutdown is [rating=4]

App Details

Title: iShutdown – remote power management tool for your Mac and PC

Price: $1.99

Category: Utilities

Developer: Vlad Polyanskiy

iShutdown - remote power management tool for your Mac and PC - Vlad Polyanskiy