Scan and Protect: quickly scan and secure documents – Review

Scan and Protect is available in a sale if you get in quickly, so what does this app actually do? It will take, encrypt and store documents in a most secure and easy to use way. It really is very easy to use and the encryption is super high at 256 bits! All the encoding and decoding is performed at lightning speed and you can be sure that all your information is protected using the most secure and advanced encryption algorithms. You will never see any one successfully hacking your documents as the app is built in with the highest security levels you can find.

If you have sensitive and confidential data that you want to store some then Scan and Protect is the perfect tool for this. All your confidential data like credit card numbers, ID numbers, PINs, last will and testament details, bank account numbers and passwords to sensitive websites are all safe and securely saved with Scan and Protect. You can scan your documents using the in-built camera on the app and organizing folders and individual files has never been simpler.


When we tested it we were able to file away all banking documents in one folder, passwords and web details (like usernames etc) in another folder and house deeds and will documents in another folder. This makes the documents very easily accessible when you sign in to the app and helps you to locate quickly and securely. If you have several documents you want to scan and protect, then one of the features on Scan and Protect lets you reduce the image size of the document allowing for much quicker encryption times.

You can view all of your scans organized in your folders very simply and copy and send documents you do want to share from the app via email. It is like protecting your data using one of the most advanced encrypting technologies we have seen on the app market. Its built-in camera is very useful for taking images of your documents and then encrypting with all of those powerful 256-bits of security.

Your data is stored on the device and the device only; it will not be found on some other server or network storage cloud. It is very easy to export your scans out of the application just by using the copy function, and then send off by email.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Scan and Protect is [rating=5]

App Details

Title: Scan and Protect: quickly scan and secure documents

Price: $5.99

Category: Productivity

Developer: Foxomo

Scan and Protect: quickly scan and secure documents - Foxomo