Smashing Egg Tido – Review

It’s time to have a bit of fun with Smashing Egg Tido, a game for anyone who enjoys a fun theme while using a certain amount of strategy. Tido is an egg and he does not want to be turned into an omelette and your task is to help him stay as an egg and prevent the chefs from smashing him up and pouring him into a frying pan.

The chefs are desperate to turn Tido into an omelette as they need food to serve their customers, but you are all out to help Tido survive any deadly attack from the frying pan handler! But the good news is that Tido has some aces up his non-existent sleeve; he can eat a number of various food items that will give him the strength and power to smash and kill HIS enemies before they kill him.


There are several features on Smashing Egg Tido and these include eight amazing power ups you can unlock. There are many varying enemy types you’ll have to watch out for, one of them is called “Big Boss.” You will be able to choose from a multitude of control options and there are some real easy touch and joystick controls that make Smashing Egg Tido simple to use for even the youngest egg saving gamer. There are also a multitude of fields to choose from and some very dynamic power ups. Let’s have a closer look at some of those power ups in Smashing Egg Tido, as they can be really useful when you save Tido from the sizzling pan:

  • Mama Chicken: This is where Tido’s mother comes to his rescue and chases off the enemy.
  • Tele-porter Tube: This is a sort of tunnel, a bit like a wormhole that will transport Tido to safety, but it will only be deployed 10 seconds after being activated.
  • Protection Shield: This is Tido’s weapon of saviour that will protect him from attacks.
  • Grenade Smash Up: This booster for Tido will blow up the whole area and that includes any enemies in the immediate vicinity.
  • Bird Attack: A flock of birds that will attack Tido’s enemies in one go.
  • Blast Cannon: This fires heavy red dust that has accumulated on the ground.
  • Nuclear Smash: If Tido smashes the ground he will create a nuclear dust storm that will kill all his enemies that come into contact with him.

Designed for the iPad and optimized for the iPhone 5, Smashing Egg Tido cost just $0.99.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Smashing Egg Tido is [rating=4]

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Title: Smashing Egg Tido

Price: $0.99

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Developer: GlowNight

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