At last – LifeSaver Web Browser: a mobile internet browser especially for seniors and those with special needs

Toronto based LifeSaver Web Browser today announces the release of LifeSaver Web Browser for the iPad. Created to give seniors and the special needs community alike the access to a mobile web browser that’s designed to work around their needs, LifeSaver Web Browser offers an innovative mobile web browsing experience that’s intuitive and easy enough for anyone to use.

Toronto, Canada – Northrup Consulting Inc., an innovative new mobile web portal developer, is excited today to announce the launch of LifeSaver Web Browser onto the App Store. Compatible across all iPad devices, this unique new web browsing solution provides seniors and the special needs community alike with access to a mobile web browser that’s designed to work around their limitations, offering a practical mobile web browsing experience created with their unique needs at the forefront. While the mobile browsing market is saturated with over a thousand different titles, there are only a few browsers dedicated to the senior/special needs community – and none on par with LifeSaver Web Browser.


LifeSaver Web Browser strives for simplicity and an eloquently straightforward web browsing experience in a world of cluttered, feature frenzied browsers options. The app brings an intuitive browsing platform to the fingertips of users who may need a little extra help to navigate the web without losing the flexibility or functionality needed to make a great experience. LifeSaver Web Browser features vibrant, clearly labeled, and oversized navigation controls and icons to help the visually challenged and larger buttons with increased touch-sensitivity geared to enable those with dexterity issues to utilize the browser effectively. Special features geared to help those with memory impairments are included as well such as ‘how to’ reminders, a ‘LifeSaver’ icon that instantly reminds users what every function in the app is, and an innovative ‘return to home’ setting which reverts users’ browser windows to their home page every time they re-enter the browser.

As focused on the greater good as it is on providing the best mobile web browsing solutions for seniors, LifeSaver Web Browser has elected to donate a percentage of the apps profits to the Alzheimer’s Society in order to bring heightened awareness of the issues and hardships facing seniors today. Luckily, LifeSaver Web Browser is geared to alleviate some of these obstacles – at least on the digital front. Far from a niche platform though, the app is forecasted to become the leading choice for any mobile consumer eager for a simplified browsing platform accessible to those facing memory, dexterity and visual challenges regardless of age as well. The LiveSaver Browser revolution is just beginning too as Window 8 and Android compatible versions of this groundbreaking browsing platform are due to launch in the near future as well.

Founded in Toronto, Canada, Northrup Consulting Inc. is the brainchild of Kevin Northrup, an entrepreneur keen on creating a solution for his elderly father to be able to experience and browse the web more effectively. The result was LifeSaver Web Browser, a platform capable of giving the elderly and special needs mobile users as a whole the power to connect with the web seamlessly and on their own terms. Learn more at © LifeSaver Web Browser 2013. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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