Two Easy Steps to Unlock Your AT&T iPhone

I thought I would share how easy it is to unlock your iPhone if you have it with or out of contract with AT&T. These will work with any iPhone model including iPhone 5, 4, 4s and iPhone 3 versions. Whether you want to switch providers or use your iPhone while traveling abroad, these easy tips will help you avoid unnecessary worries and expenses. The best part is that it is not a jailbreak and nothing has to be done to your device to get it official and permanently unlocked.

Option #1 – Free. If you are the original iPhone owner and has been with AT&T on contract for over 60 days, paid your bills and have no overdue charges, then you can submit an online unlocking request on the official AT&T website. Be ready to provide some identifying information about yourself and wait for a few days to get a confirmation from AT&T that your handset has been unlocked.

Option #2 – Fee. If you need to be flying out the country or if you got your iPhone from someone else (second hand), then your best bet is to simply order the unlock from a brokerage service that has direct connections with AT&T for speedy unlocks. Yes, the service will charge you a nominal fee but you won’t need to move a finger. Well, you will need to provide the IMEI of your handset and that’s all there is to it. In less than 24 hours you will get your handset legally unlocked and ready to roll with any SIM from any GSM carrier worldwide.

Good luck! For more information see this article on How to unlock your at&t iPhone without delay.