SpyWordz a unique board game – Review

SpyWordz is a game using espionage and words together. First you build words using the letters you have been given, then you look at the words of your opponent and if you feel he or she has a better word than you have, then blow it up, or even just steal it. Blowing a word up means you’ll need to use a bomb gadget. If you steal the word (using another gadget) you can credit the points for yourself.

If you are tired of playing the same old game board then SpyWordz adds a bit of zest to a traditional word game we have all played before, but we won’t mention here at this time. SpyWordz is completely random each time you play it. You will get a different set of letters issued out each time and you are then tasked with using your skills to create and form new words and then hope your opposite number doesn’t come along with a bomb and blow your hard work away or steals it so as to keep the points for themselves.


Your task is to be ruthless when playing SpyWordz; steal or get your word stolen and bomb a word or risk getting your word bombed. Like any spy, in true espionage fashion, that spies needs a gadget or two. SpyWordz has these gadgets and it’s your role to try and use them to your advantage and you can use a remote control and lock a random letter that sits in your opponent’s tray.

Other gadgets used in SpyWordz include Point Blank, Lift a Letter and the Glasses; all of which are developed and designed to be used as gadgets to destroy your opponent’s word and win the game for you.

There are many features on SpyWordz which include the random game board where all gadgets and word bonus tiles are completely random with each new game. There are a total of five gadgets and you can use Facebook as an integration tool to see how many people on your friends list actually SpyWordz. If you find one you can send them an invite to play and begin a challenge. There is an integrated friend-finder list which lets you search for players on your email address list, SpyWordz friends list or even select just some random player on Facebook. Challenging a complete stranger you don’t know can be just as much fun as playing against friends or family and it will help you to improve your game.

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