iPhone 6 Concepts that we just love

Forget about the iPhone 5s we are now on iPhone 6 concepts and we have come across two that we absolutely love. The imagination of some designers are brilliant. So who would like to see a plastic iPhone, for one it would be cheaper. Designer Ran Avni shows us that the plastic iPhone can look simply amazing. iPhone-My have created a concept based entirely on features that many of us would love to see, but Apple would probably never do. For instance edge-to-edge display. We can only dream. I personally think Apple need to up their game. Samsung galaxy S4 has some amazing features. Yes, typing on the keypad is absolutely rubbish and doesn’t compare to the iPhone but the wave to answer feature is spot on. Anyway all that is another article. Check out the videos of the iPhone 6 concepts below:

First iPhone-My edge-to-edge display:

and Ran Avni Plastic version:

via ispazio and iphone developers