Instatim the more personal social network – Review

Instatim is a social network tool that allows you to stay close and personal with only your very closest friends. You would include your family, closest pals and our best friends at work, college or school. Instatim allows you to share your status and shows whether or not you are available to only your closest friends.

Sometimes when we go to update our Facebook or Twitter statuses, we pause because we have to think about how many of our friends we do not want to see the kind of status you are about to post. Instatim allows you to freely post a status which can be personal because you know your acquaintances and that guy from accounts you only ever see walking past in the office corridors is not going to be included as one of your closest friends.


You can also quickly discover what your friends and family are doing and see what availability they have and whether or not they can be contacted. Instatim will only show the very latest status update which keeps updates current and fresh. Other social networks can often be cluttered with numerous posts of what that person has been doing over the past few months and much of it is no longer relevant now. Instatim allows you to see what your close inner circle of friends all are doing right at this instant time.

There are several features on Instatim that we liked; the ability to share your status, show your availability, and reveal your last known location. You can let your family know you are going to be late for dinner or you can just announce to your friends that you will be 15 minutes late meeting up for that restaurant date.

To find your friends on Instatim you can search through your phone directory or your email address book. You can even sort your close friends into little groups; perhaps you could create a circle for your family members, one for your closest friends and maybe one for your work colleagues you get on well with.

This is handy if you want to tell your friends and family members that you are stuck in a boring meeting and your work colleagues that are you are continuing to work closely with a client. Expiration dates are included on the status postings so once you have completed that task your status updates to reflect this.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Instatim is [rating=4]

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