Simply Declare, the must have travel app – Review

Simply Declare is a travel app that has been given high recommendations from a number of money expert websites. PC World has even endorsed it as one of the best travel apps to come on the market during 2012. If you travel a lot then this app is for you, full of information and bursting with knowledge.

It is pretty much geared towards those who already travel a lot and know their way around airports, train termini and road networks. What it allows you to do is to take advantage of all that traveling you do and turn those air miles into something useful, travel times and journeys into duty claim back points. All travel purchases can be entered into the app and once you return home you can claim them all back. We are only talking about the duty though, not the whole purchase! What Simply Declare Travel App allows you to do is enter your travel purchases for declaring them back in your home country for duty returns.


The dynamic thing about the Simply Declare Travel App is all the currencies you use in whatever currency are automatically updated. Furthermore, it will use the current exchange rates to determine how many dollars might be in that product you are about to pay 400 Yen for or how much 15 Euros is in your home currency. The App can let you set your allowable declarable duty-free limit and keeps on deducting the amount from your suitcase. So you know all the time how much you have left to spend.

The next time a customs office approaches you and asks, “Anything to declare?” you need never become nervous again, as now you know you would not have been spending over your limit. There are several features on the Simply Declare Travel App including a neatly designed user interface that really works well for travellers and on the iPhone screen.

The app really is tailored specifically for those that travel long and regularly. The real time currency exchange feature will surely excite most and the list of available currencies is just huge. If you find you are going to some obscure country and the currency is not featured on the list, you can simply add it and there it is!

The other handy feature we liked was the ability to take instant images of all your invoices. There are no ads, no in-app purchases and no charges to use the app, so this makes it a must have travel app for the regular business flyer.

iPhoneGlance Rating is Simply Declare is [rating=5]

App Details

Title: Simply Declare Travel App

Price: $0.99 – £0.69

Category: Travel

Developer: Rae Mapey

Simply Declare Travel App - Simply Declare