Cut My Apps HD – Review

Cut My Apps HD is a great new physics-based game involving a slice and hit strategy, and you can play this completely free. This is a popular game play arena and has returned with an even greater fun aspect thrown in. The game play is highly addictive for those who wish to improve on their Fruit Ninja skills and push up to the next level by cutting apps.

In this high powered game you will be able to slash objects at will just by using your fingers. Cut My Apps HD has introduced a new physics based technology to make this happen right in front of your eyes on your iPad. Some of the excellent features we liked about Cut My Apps HD were the excellent high definition graphics, and the fact that the slicing you do is all made so simple.


You will have the ease and ability to slice at will with smoothness, ease and in a fun sort of way. Slicing is very precise too, so there is no chance you will end up cursing the game app for not registering what you were convinced was an accurate hit or slice, only to be shown that you in fact missed or failed to slice properly.

The amazing real time physics are another feature of Cut My Apps HD that we rather enjoyed. The game is also easy to play and is probably suitable for children with only mild references to cartoon or animated violence. There is also an online leader board that allows you to see whether or not you are in the top 100 of the best players at Cut My Apps HD. There are also many cool and useful bonuses involved.

But when we say this game is easy, we don’t mean that it is so simple it doesn’t present much of a challenge. There will be many times when evil bombs will try to destroy you. You will have your own weapons to help you defend yourself along the way. There are plenty of unique swords that will help you and overall the game is rewarding for all play styles.

Cut My Apps HD really is a fun game that is suitable for both adults and children alike. So if you have too many apps on your iPad then cut and slice them away with the free version of Cut My Apps HD.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Cut My Apps HD is [rating=4]

App Details

Title: Cut My Apps HD

Price: Free

Category: Games

Developer: Bo Zhao

Cut My Apps HD - By Think Aloud Games - Bo Zhao