Dirt Busta iPhone Review

Dirt Busta is one of those apps that can generate a great deal of fun. In the game you will find several levels or floors which you have to help clean. It is a fun and easy way to clean, sweep, dust, shine and vacuum through each level until you succeed in cleaning the entire building. As you progress through each level you will encounter dust bugs. The tiny little critters are laying their eggs and contaminating the cleanliness of the office building you are trying to vacuum and shine.

Your task is to clean each level within 30 seconds and if you succeed then you would have destroyed all the bugs, but only on that level. Once you complete one level and dust, polish and scrub those bugs away, you’ll need to go up to the next level and destroy every bug all over again. Its fun seeing how many levels you can progress through and all the time the clock is ticking and the 30 second rule is always at the back of your mind as you clean through the levels.


If you want to clean the levels more quickly, you can use a variety of weapons. These are highly effective against the bugs and are achieved when you progress through the game. To get your hands on the weaponry that will help you advance and destroy the bugs you will need to accumulate more points, use coins, complete achievements and move up through the rankings.

The more often you play Dirt Busta the better you will get at it, and the higher your ranking and achievements become, making you a more dynamic Dirt Busta. It all starts out so easily and the game goes on you find it becomes a little more challenging each time. The higher levels, for example, are really difficult and will test the mettle of even the more skilful Dirt Busta.

The bugs are also a challenge as they are not all alike. As you move up through the levels some of the little critters develop different behavioural patterns, and others seem to have much more strength than those of the lower levels. You will even meet the Enemy Boss who spits out bugs from his mouth and transport through to different levels looking for dirty bugs to clean. It is a challenging game that gets very interesting as you reach the higher levels and the bugs develop more of opposition.

App Details

Title: Dirt Busta

Price: Free (in-app purchases)

Category: Games

Developer: FeeBea

Dirt Busta - FeeBea UG (haftungsbeschränkt)