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A new game for the iPhone and iPad is the Music Box Quiz and it’s a great way to find out little snippets of information like how flamingos sing. If you feel you are experts on classical music then why not challenge your knowledge on the Music Box Quiz? There are five categories of music and you will get hints throughout, which come in two different forms. There is also a highest score table, so you can monitor how well you are performing against the elite. You will also receive achievements and statuses.


The Music Box Quiz really is a game for all ages which you can play with friends, family or complete strangers. What we liked about the Music Box Quiz is that there are no ads popping up all the time, which is good considering it is a free app to download. The Music Box Quiz is also available in Russian as well as English and the way you play this game is really quite simple; just listen to a tune that you will be offered and try to guess what picture that piece of music represents. You will be shown four pictures and one of them will represent the piece of music you have to try and guess.

You can also match bird voices and the pictures, classical music with its composers and which anthem belongs to which country by selecting its flag. For example, if you hear a barn owl, then you would select that picture, should you be played a fine piece of Chopin music, then click on his face, as it will be among the four choices you will be given.

If you are played an anthem like God Save the Queen or The Star Spangled Banner, then click on the Union Jack or the Stars and Stripes flags respectively. You can select just how long the tune or sound is played before you are told to make your selection. It can be set at one minute, three minutes or five minutes, but if you are just a beginner then it might be a good idea to select the “no time” option, just until you get used to it.

We think the kids will definitely love the animal sounds and the bird voices and the adults will enjoy the national anthems and the classical music categories. Remember there are five different music categories, so there is bound to be one genre that you will be good at.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Music Box Quiz [rating=4]

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