Snugg iPad Mini Leather Case Great Protection and Superbly Elegant

If you have an iPad, then you really do want to get one of these. The Snugg (yes that’s Snugg with two g’s) iPad Mini Leather Case Cover and flip stand, not only makes your iPad look more dynamic but actually makes it useable as a screen that you can prop up on a table and sit back while watching videos and various other streaming presentations. It comes in a range of colours, so that you will certainly be able to get one in your favourite shade. The Snugg iPad Mini Leather Case Cover and Flip Stand comes in black, baby blue, electric blue, pink, orange red, and white. There are also some more funky colours available in the shade of denim, camouflage and distressed brown!

The iPad Mini Leather Case also has a smart wide handle that allows the user to neatly slip their fingers under and carry the iPad around with them. This strap helps to make the iPad secure and prevents you from dropping it. The slots are opened in exactly the right places for you to plug in any data cables, chargers, USB ports and power on or off controls. In other words, all the buttons and sockets you’ll need to access on your iPad Mini are available to use while the case is on. So you will never need to take the case off.


It’s very easy to place the iPad mini in the case, and it is secured, so you won’t have to worry about the device falling out. The case even has the sleep wake feature, no need to “slide to unlock”. The Snugg case comes with a lifetime guarantee, the promise from the company is, “if you have a problem with your case, in it’s lifetime, through no fault of your own. We will replace your case with a brand new one. It’s as simple as that.”

Its best feature is the flip stand which allows users of the iPad to sit and watch a video, streaming movie or sports match while the iPad is neatly sat upright. The Snugg iPad Mini Leather Case Cover currently retails at $29.99, which is $10 less than the original price and if you purchase some add-ons or extras, you are likely to get a bundled bargain.

An example of this is; should you buy two mini anti-bacterial and finger wipe cloths to keep your iPad screen clean, you’ll get 10% off your order. It is very much the same deal if you buy a Snugg pack of two iPad Mini High Transparency and Anti Glare Screen Protectors, you’ll see 10% slashed off your order. This leather case looks smart and will keep your iPad protected, just in case you accidentally drop it on the floor.

If you haven’t got an iPad Mini, don’t feel left out, The Snugg iPad Case is also available for iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad 4. You can actually pick up some great cases for your tablet or smartphone on The Snugg site.