KeyCase iPad Mini Keyboard Case, Stay Professional while on the go

Looking for a sleek, elegant and professional iPad Mini case, with a bluetooth keyboard then look no further than the beautifully designed KeyCase for iPad Mini. The KeyCase iPad Mini Keyboard Case is a product that will ultimately last a very long time. It is made of leather with a dynamic Bluetooth function on the keyboard. It’s many functions include an automatic switch off feature when it has not been used for a period of time, which sends the case into sleep mode to save power. The KeyCase iPad Mini Keyboard Case also has an automatic pairing feature for quick and easy set up.

The KeyCase iPad Mini Keyboard Case is specifically designed for the iPad Mini. So what exactly does it look like? Well, for starters, it will certainly compliment your iPad Mini with its sleek and professional leather design and the high quality Bluetooth keyboard has a battery that lasts so long you’ll be able to happily pound away on your keys all day long without having to stop for a recharge. In fact you will receive a charging cable with your KeyCase iPad Mini Keyboard Case, which will let you charge your keyboard up from any USB slot should it need a boost.


Whenever you close the case on your KeyCase iPad Mini Keyboard it will automatically go to sleep mode. This will ultimately help to improve the life of your battery, and as soon as you open your case, the Key Case iPad Mini Keyboard will instantly illuminate and come alive again without you having to manually start up and sign in all over again.

The active pairing function is kicked in as soon as you set this up. It will only require one initial set up and it will be running for ever more. What happens following auto-pairing set up is that the Bluetooth keyboard automatically connects to your iPad Mini, every time you power on. If you have an iPad Mini you will be pleased to learn that this case is tailor made to fit your device precisely. In fact, a perfect fit is absolutely guaranteed. This of course means there are tiny little slots and holes in the sides of the case that will allow you easy access to all the ports on your iPad Mini.

The Key Case iPad Mini Keyboard Case comes in black and being made from high quality leather it will be a smart new addition for your iPad Mini. There is also a 12 month warranty on the case, so you can send it back should you have any problems. The KeyCase iPad Mini Keyboard currently retail at £39.95 and available from Gearzap site has a large collection of iPad accessories and also cases for your smartphone or tablet.