CamFind – Search With Your Camera: Video Review

CamFind is able to photograph, identify and provide information and links to an image on just about any picture you desire. It is the very first mobile app of its kind and it has been so popular that in the first three weeks of its release there has been more than 100,000 downloads! That just goes to show how popular this app has become.

All you need to do is to take an image of anything you see around you; it could be a train, a vintage car, a flower, a building or an old state library and CamFind will give you relevant information about that object. It will also include such information as to where you can buy it, links to shopping sites where you can source it, or advice on websites selling similar products.


If you find yourself going shopping with friends and you notice a nice dress, or a cool pair of jeans you just love, but don’t want to buy it at the price the boutique or store are wanting to sell it to you at, just click away on the garment and watch all the results flood in, complete with information regarding other stores and links online where you can buy the same or similar product.

Others users have remarked that it puts Google to shame with the returned results if offers. Many are saying that you would be wise to download it while it’s still free, and we are inclined to agree. It really does put Google’s feature Google Goggles to shame. It can be a really helpful addition to anyone’s iOS home screen and something you should use when out on the high street or down at the shopping mall.

Mobility Tech Zone claim the accuracy on CamFind is as high as 85%, this compares very favourably against Google Goggles, which can only claim to find between 15% and 20% for accuracy matches.

If you are a bargain hunter then take an image of a product such as a nice lamp, a piece of furniture or even a top pair of running shoes and find places on the web where you can find the same product. Then sort the list into the cheapest one first and grab yourself a bargain.

CamFind also has a social media link so you can join in with others on Facebook and Twitter to find bargains among each other.

iPhoneGlance Rating of CamFind is [rating=5]

App Details

Title: CamFind – Search With Your Camera

Price: Free

Category: Utilities

Developer: Image Searcher

CamFind - Search With Your Camera - Image Searcher