iKeepScores a must have app for sports fans

iKeepScore is a multi-purpose app that works for the iPhone, the iPad, looks great on the iPad Mini and compatible with iPod Touch. It is an app that helps to keep track of your scoring and it will save your game history with a view to looking at your leader boards and seeing all your saved results.

If you are a gamer and play more than your fair share of games, then this app is designed just for you. It will track all the apps you register with it and keep your high score, leader board positions and history of previous scores you have achieved within that game. All under one single app you can progress your game history, regardless of how many gaming apps you dabble with.


This is another free app that has content that you can unlock and trial for free. But the free app trial is only for a set period of time. There are a couple on in-app purchases that we noticed including the opportunity to unlock your sports feature at £0.69p, and the unlock board games feature, at the same price.

Some of the cool features included on iKeepScores are an intuitive user interface and full support for those with an iPhone or iPad, scoring for table top games, sport, and board games with a promise of more to come in the future. You can easily add or edit teams, players, photos, team stats and player stats.

You can enter details like the league name, season, and countdown; allow negative scoring feature and much more. This app really is dynamic and can work with voice recognition too. If you say a phrase like, “Goal, Home Team” you will be able to update the scores straight away.

There are leader boards and game history features that allow you to check on past results and where in the top 10 standings. You can easily keep a record of every single game and view leader boards of your saved results. Why not back up all your data and share it with your friends and family? You can also easily restore any purchases you have made between your devices.

If you have a query or problem, there is a friendly support team that will respond to your query via email. Basketball is also a new addition added recently to the sports section. This is a must for all sports fans.

iPhoneGlance Rating of iKeepScores is [rating=4]

App Details

Title: iKeepScores

Price: Free (in-app purchase)

Category: Sports

Developer: Sync Interactive Ltd

iKeepScores - Sync Interactive Ltd