Liquor Calculator iOS Review

Liquor Calculator helps you calculate just how long the alcohol effect will linger. It will also work out its concentration in milligrams, and the level of how drunk you should be. There are a number of unique algorithms used to do the calculations such as; weight, age, gender, alcohol consumed, assimilation and consumption period. All these factors are needed to take into account to calculate if you are drunk and how drunk you are becoming.

The app has an appearance of a bar and it has to be pointed out that it should only be used for fun and amusement purposes. You should not use this app to determine if you are safe to drive or for medical purposes and it is pointed out that the calculations are only approximate.

The Liquor Calculator uses a bar and you then choose the drinks you wish to consume. You can play around with the app and go on synthetic booze up and see just how drunk you might get, or you can use it for real and log each drink you consume while you are out and about in town at the local bars.

Once you have logged the type of drink you have consumed (or want to measure) you next place that drink on a time scale, e.g. a double whisky and soda, alcohol content 40%, consumed within 20 minutes. Liquor Calculator then draws up a chart of drunkenness and will tell you how long it will take you to reach sobriety once more. Once again, it shouldn’t be used to calculate whether you are safe to drive the next morning after a session the night before.

As well as the level of drunkenness being displayed, Liquor Calculator works out what type of behaviour one can expect from someone who is as drunk as the chart is displaying.

The app does have a nice appearance of a bar and some wonderful graphic colours with all the world’s most popular drinks on show. Liquor Calculator works on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and you need to be at least 17 years or older to download it. It is certainly a fun app and can be used to perhaps control your drinking as Liquor Calculator exposes the bare bones of what typical behaviour one can expect from someone who has drunk the amount you have inputted into the app.

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