Wordy, a compelling but fun puzzle game – Video Review

Wordy is a unique word puzzle game play that would benefit children learning grammar and wordplay. It is an app brought to you by Desktop Daydreams. It may well help to brush up on the skills in adults too. Users of this app have described it as unique, great to play and highly interesting. Even if you would not normally play this type of game, give it a go and you will probably find that you will be addicted after the first few attempts.

What we liked about Wordy was that it is not just an educational game but also gives players the chance to explore three mysterious worlds. There are also a number of compelling puzzles and a friendly easy to use interface which comes complete with a tutorial. There are links to Facebook and Twitter, so you can boast online to all your friends or followers your latest score in Wordy. You can also invite friends to play Wordy with you, or against you.


Wordy is a great mash up of a visual puzzle game and a word play challenge combined. You will find this place and its mysterious worlds full of strange creatures and compelling puzzles. Wordy is a re-imagined word puzzle experience based on joining together word puzzles, visual clues and traditional cryptic clues.

For anyone that is interested in crosswords, Scrabble games, word play matches and anagram solving; this is the sort of game for you. The one thing we liked about Wordy was that it is one of those games where you can take your time. There is no need to rush around and play the game at any kind of fast pace. You can play it on a train, while seated in the back on a long car journey or even just sat at home while putting your feet up.

It is good for whiling away the times you would normally spend doing a crossword or playing Sudoku and being educational at the same time. The colours and graphics are pretty cool too and the interface on the app is easily navigable. It also looks great on the iPad.

The graphics on Wordy are superb, there are also tons of gameplay. The app is free but there are ads integrated, these can be remove for only $0.99. I must also mention that the ads are not intrusive at all, in fact the ads disappear from time to time and sometimes you don’t even see them during gameplay.

So if you like word puzzle games and want to strengthen your knowledge of the English language at the same time, and then try out this fun app from Desktop Daydreams.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Wordy is [rating=5]

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Title: Wordy

Price: Free (in-app purchases)

Category: Games

Developer: Desktop Daydreams

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