PostHarvest a refreshingly simple yet wildly addictive arcade game

Every now and again an app will come out that gives us a real fresh concept to game play and PostHarvest is one that combines a bit of education to some strategic game play skills. PostHarvest is a farmhouse arcade bit of fun that will pit your wit and test your skills to sort out your farm.

Your task is to become the master of your own farm and its true there may be some comparisons with the popular Facebook app Farm Ville, this app helps you to sort out your vegetables, clean up your junk, and everything else in between to stack up some big money and become the master of your very own farm holding.

However, you will need to act swiftly as your hand and eye coordination skills mean you can win big if you are fast. When the harvest is ready you will be informed and it is then when you should begin to act! Now it will be up to you to pick off the best bits and leave the rest by taking care of it in the right manner.


Post Harvest is refreshingly straightforward and simple and does not require too much effort. But this makes it a great game for all ages to play, and ultimately you will soon learn that this arcade style game gets more addictive, the more you play it.

So, get ready to put your farmer’s boots and hat on as you prepare to play Post Harvest. When the harvest is complete, everything is thrown onto a moving conveyor belt. Once it comes by on the belt, it is up to you to sort out the prized vegetables from all the grass cuttings, useless bits of earth and weed. Basically, you’ll need to sift through the trash and bring out the real quality edible veggies.

You will also find some dinosaur bones among the trash that are regarded as trash. But pick all of these out and rebuild a complete dinosaur and you will actually get more points! So, by separating some of the trash in its entirety you can gain yourself a jackpot! Every item of vegetable you pick up is worth a cash prize, and with your extra cash you can buy more vegetables from the market and gain extra power ups.

But be warned, on the conveyor belt from time to time you will come across some harvest bombs. Do not click on these as the moment you do, its game over!

iPhoneGlance Rating of PostHarvest is [rating=4]

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