Sounds Grate an App for Pranksters

If you love to play a prank on your friends or family members, we fully understand because so do we all. Sounds Grate is one such app that is the perfect solution for playing harmless little pranks on your friends. Sounds Grate is full of high quality sound effects that range from the maddening to the down right disgusting. There are sounds of farting, mosquitoes buzzing loudly, ear-splitting violins and the sound of gunfire (although this particular sound was removed when the latest version was updated).

Imagine you are in a room with your mates and you turn on the sound of a mosquitoes buzzing around somewhere in your vicinity. You will laugh and giggle as your chums look everywhere for that tiny little insect before they believe it will land on them and take a chunk out of them for its lunch. All, the while you are aware that it is just one of the many hilarious and prank-filled high quality sounds that are coming out of your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.


Some of the sounds really do sound grating; for example the one with the fingernails scraping down the blackboard was always a sound we all experienced in our schooldays by the regular class prankster. It has to be up there among the world’s most annoying and irritating sounds and you can play this sound time and time again to wind your friends up, knowing that they will absolutely hate it when they hear it.

Another unnerving sound has to be the tone of several violins tuning up or playing badly out of tune. The violin is a wonderful instrument providing it has been played correctly, but when one plays this small stringed instrument out of tune, it suddenly becomes a noise that will unnerve the best of us.

Each unnerving and annoying sound you play on Sounds Grate is accompanied by an image on your phone or tablet of the actual sound you are playing. For example when you play the fingernails scraping down the blackboard tone you will see a hand on a blackboard image. There are also a number of extra sounds that you can buy if you want as an in-app purchase. You can buy the sound of someone cracking their knuckles, paper folding or a dentist’s drill homing in on someone’s teeth. Now that would be a great wind up for your chum who has a dental appointment later that day!

iPhoneGlance Rating of Sounds Grate is [rating=4]

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Title: Sounds Grate

Price: Free

Category: Entertainment

Developer: Valup Technology

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