Turn your Android or iOS device into a portable scale w/ Diamond Scale!

Poland based Leviteo announces the release of Diamond Scale for the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and most Android devices. A unique weighing utility, Diamond Scale essentially turns users smart devices into precision digital scale which the can use to weigh out any small object they need to on the go and from anywhere.

Bialystok, Poland- Leviteo, an emerging mobile applications and lifestyle solutions developer, is excited to announce the launch of Diamond Scale onto the App Store and Google Play. A first of its kind utility, this app turns users mobile devices into accurate, fully functional scales capable of accurately weighing small objects. Any device with a built-in gyroscope can be turned into a digital scale with Diamond Scale in a matter of seconds, meanwhile the app’s nuanced calibration features and straightforward user guide ensures that anyone can weigh nearly any small object from anywhere including coins, gold, silver, diamonds, and anything else they might need to! Complete with readings displayed in both ounces and grams, Diamond Scale is currently available for download on the App Store for $2.99 and Google Play for $1.99 in both stores’ Utilities and Tools categories respectively.


A premium weighing small-time solution, Diamond Scale isn’t just the first working scale app on the App Store – its the only one! Perfect for anyone who needs to weigh out materials in grams and ounces often but is always on the go – or might not want to waste $100+ dollars on a conventional digital scale – this digital tool harnesses the power of modern mobile technology to offer a solution that isn’t simply an app but a way to repurpose user’s mobile device, effectively turning it into a precision scale that happens to also get your email and let you make calls.

Humor aside, Diamond Scale is an eloquently simple app to use practically. With the help of a flat surface, inflated bag, and a coin users can calibrate the app to measure even the lightest or smallest objects with scientific precision. To boot calibration is as simple as following a few in-app instructions and waiting a few seconds. Master these few easy steps and poof! Any supported Android and iOS device has the power to become your permanent digital scale solution that you can keep right at your fingertips!

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