A few of the best phone games available on Android and iOS

Smartphones are much more than calling and texting these days with games being a critical part of having a device, we though we should mention a few that everyone would love. This article will take a look at some of the best contract phones games available on the market. Wether it’s iOS or Android you can enjoy these apps for free. We’ve only mentioned three apps in this post but we will have other articles highlighting some more of the best games available for your smartphone.

Icomania is an incredibly clever and addictive image recognition game available free on both Android and IOS. It presents the viewer with something of a sketched image; an outline with simple colours and formative suggestion. The player must identify the image bearing in mind that it may be a landmark, a brand logo or a famous person amongst others. You’ll be surprised which corporate logos have stuck in your psyche or how your brain translates simple images into something more complicated.


4 Pics 1 Word is a similarly clever pictorial teaser. It’s all the rage at the moment with people sharing tricky images on Facebook and the like. It invites the player to identify common themes between 4 images which may not be as forthcoming as you might imagine. The game questions our ability to think laterally: broadly connective themes, colours and verbs may all be the key.


Candy Crush is another puzzle type game which you will most likely have seen people playing on your daily commute; being something of a craze amongst mobile gamers. It’s free to download on Android and IOS and challenges you to shuffle candy around a colourful board, zapping jelly and liquorice as you go. It’s hugely strategic as you manoeuvre sweets and obstacles towards optimum destinations by creating lines of identical confection. The commentary and theme tunes draw you in to the magic of the game.


Phones 4 U have some of the best stock of phones on which you can play these games – look for big screens and good processors to get the best out of the gaming world.