DragNSYNC a must have iPad file management app

DragNSYNC is a clever app for maintaining your files on your iPad. It intelligence allows you to manage all you public folders like student, professional and public files, while considering you may well have private stuff on your iPad that you do not want to share; stuff like all your photos, videos, private content and anything in your spreadsheet folders. All these personal files are still managed but kept secure and free from prying eyes.

DragNSYNC has a triple layer of security that will assure all your files remain a secret on your iPad. The files are secure and hidden so well that you can be confident those files keep you both organized and safe.

Don’t think of DragNSYNC as some sort of cloud storage, it’s not. This means you are not about to get charged for any storage fees on the cloud or pay out any monthly revenues to house your folders in its secure state. It also means there is not going to be any third party accessing your files and its decoy mode means if ever you are asked to reveal your password to a tutor, teacher, husband, wife, manager or parent, they were be denied access to the stuff you need to keep safe and secure.


You can drag and synchronize files directly from any source using a wireless importer which can come from any source, or just drag and synchronize directly from your computer. DragNSYNC also learns as it goes along with a really smart intuitive tool. This allows you to maintain files with the same kind of simplicity you would find when creating a music playlist file on your iTunes, for example.

You can easily rename files or move them to new locations. If you wish to delete files and folders, that is a simple operation too. You can create no end of files and sub-files and nest some of your most personal and private files deep down to any depth you feel is safe.

You also get free support from the developers by email, but DragNSYNC is so easy to use it’s unlikely you’ll need it much. There is also a tip sheet to help you relocate files and give them the level of security you feel that file has to have. There are some great features when you want to synchronize, import or export files and transferring files wirelessly via any browser or email, makes this app very dynamic, as well as smart.

iPhoneGlance Rating of DragNSYNC is [rating=4]

App Details

Title: DragNSYNC

Price: £2.99

Category: Productivity

Developer: AppSophic

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