Triplog – Track your gas mileage, Trips and Costs – Review

Triplog by Islands software is one of those apps that helps you easily maximize employer reimbursements or tax deductions associated with travel cost. There are apps on the AppStore that are like Triplog but  this apps is unique. Triplog works by keeping a track of your trips through the iPhone built-in GPS. It tracks the mileage, the vehicle used, fuel consumption and the general travel costs. The app allows you to register trips on more than one vehicle and also add predefined locations for starting your trip much quicker. The app is able to save data about your trip, the fuel cost, the mileage and even the colleague that came along.

A really great feature for someone that owns a business is the ability to view the data in a text format or charts and export the data via email or Dropbox. The reports are available in both CSV and PDF format. Things are much easier.


With the vehicles you use you will be able to register trips on more than one vehicle. Triplog makes things easy, with the vehicles you use, you can take a picture for easy reference or you can input the name, registration number or distance driven manually. Once you register your trips the apps saves them automatically and you can easily edit or add new ones manually.

Pre-defined locations are easily set under the locations tab within the app. Entering a suitable destination before hand allows you to minimize the data you would have to input for travel to or from the pre-defined locations.

Triplog works great, it even tracks your driving in the background, the only issue with this is the GPS  does drain your device battery life. Then again, having the app run in the background means it won’t be intrusive and you can carry on with using your device. Triplog is a universal app and it uses iCloud to synchronise data between multiple device. This eliminates the need for you to keep track of the device you used on a trip, especially if you do a lot of trips.

Triplog is a great app and well worth the $2.99. Using the app is easy and it even works perfectly on my iPhone 5 running iOS 7. Great app that desires a 5 star.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Triplog is [rating=5]

App Details

Title: Triplog – Track your Gas Mileage (mpg), Trips and Costs – Get your Tax Deductions correct!

Price: $2.99

Category: Business

Developer: Islands Software

Triplog - Track your Gas Mileage (mpg), Trips and Costs - Get your Tax Deductions correct! - Islands Software