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Being able to speak English is fancy and very useful. In short, everybody should be able to do so. Carton Tongue Twister is an app where we can learn to speak English properly. Did you know that tongue twisters are the most effective way to learn a language? It’s a bit like a workout, only here you are working out on your linguistic part of your brain.

In today’s modern world speaking English has become a necessity, and not just a desired skill. English is the most widely spoken language across the world. Airlines and pilots must always address flight controls in the English language. It is a language that is much in demand. So why not learn together with the Carton Tongue Twister app? The “English tongue twisters” app will help you to extend your vocabulary, improve your diction and show you how you can speak English fluently.


There are several features on the Carton Tongue Twisters that make this app so dynamic to anyone wishing to speak English with more fluency and alacrity. All of the tongue twisters on the app come with a varying level of difficulty. The audio on the app comes from native speakers in two different speed modes. The “slow speaker” is ideal for English language students who are struggling to understand the language. However, students that have more confidence and are rapidly improving their English language skills should select the “fast speaker.”

There is even a feature on Carton Tongue Twister that allows you to create your own recordings. You can also practice your pronunciation speeds and improve your enunciation. There are many colourful animations and several amusing cartoon characters. The full version of Carton Tongue Twister offers 28 different tongue twisters, some very difficult, others a lot easier and you need to look at the app like it’s some kind of live book with moving characters inside.

All you need to do to set the animated character into motion is to turn your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone on its side and the characters begin to move. The way to learn these tongue twisters properly is to listen to them several times in slow-mode. Then you should practice saying it over and over again to yourself.

As we mentioned earlier you can make your own recordings of each tongue twister and then play them back side by side against the speaker to see yours compares with the speaker’s.

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